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SpeakWell Reading Pen and English Zone Set

Our Speak Well Reading Pen sees the codes in the microdot ink printed on the pages and ‘reads out’ images, letters, numbers and sentences from the nine colorful and engaging vocabulary and grammar rich English Zone textbooks included.

And 800 Recordable Stickers that can be attached to any book or object give endless English listening, pronunciation and game opportunities to students.

StudyBuddy: The Multimedia Method of ESL Education

Taking microdot code reading technology to the next level, the StudyBuddy Pen ‘reads’ the content of the textbooks’ pages and casts images and video in addition to audio to give students rich multimedia learning experience. 

Fully leverage the 4 key learning modalities : 

Visual, Auditory, Reading and Kinesthetic – and truly bring your lessons to life. 

Includes convenient wireless recharger.

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