Taking ESL Teaching into the Future

Introducing AARDVARK Technologies

Welcome to AARDVARK Technologies, where we believe that imagination is the preview to tomorrow. And that the key to building a better future is education.

Our primary mission is to speed up the learning process to make time spent learning more efficient and to therefore allow more learning to be accomplished in any given period of study.

To achieve this we aim to incorporate the newest educational theories and technologies into our products, in combination with our close to half a century of hands-on ESL (English as a Second language) industry experience, in order to provide cutting edge teaching/learning tools to our customers and clients.

AARDVARK is an acronym for Accelerated Acquisition Research and Development for Video Audio Reading and Kinesthetics. It is believed that human beings have 4 core modalities of learning – Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing and Kinesthetics, and in order to increase acquisition speed and maximize retention it is more effective to include elements from the 4 core modalities of the learning process.

And so our mission at AARDVARK has been to produce a product and curriculum that incorporate these concepts with cutting edge technology and bring it to our customers in a high performance, stylish and cost-effective package.


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