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SpeakWell Reading Pen & 8OO Recordable Sticker Pack

The SpeakWell Reading Pen is truly a versatile learning instrument. 

It’s primary function is to ‘read’ the ink on the pages of the English Zone books and ‘read out’ the content. 

In addition to this the pen holds and plays any MP3 audio file you load onto it via computer or that you record onto it yourself.  

Volume can be controlled and it also has a headphone jack to allow for full control over study conditions. 

Also equipped with a special ‘teacher’s mode’ which can be engaged to prevent students/children from changing recordings themselves.

The SpeakWell Reading Pen comes with 800 Recordable Stickers, each of which has a unique code that allows users to associate a different recording with each sticker. Each associated recording can be changed an unlimited number of times, and only the most recent recording will be saved in the pens memory. 

For example, you can apply stickers to your child’s favorite picture storybook, and then record your own voice or that of a teachers reading the book in English. Create entertaining character voices and personalities, or even add your own funny sound effects to make stories come alive.  

Also you can apply stickers to various items in your house, and like a fun treasure hunt your child can proactively search for the stickers, and using the pen on the stickers, hear the name of the object in English reinforcing vocabulary and facilitating listen-and-repeat pronunciation practice.

The only limit is your imagination !

Pen & Sticker Pack

¥ 7,800
  • Reading SpeakWell Pen
  • 800 Recordable Stickers
  • Recharging / Data Cable

Best Deal !

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